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Reasons You’re Having Trouble Selling

1.Minor Repairs Look Like Major Trouble

Potential buyers will notice a water stain on your living room ceiling; you repaired the leak, but never repainted the ceiling.  Home shoppers can be discouraged by indications that your home needs major work, and thus you’ll have a lot more trouble selling your home.

2.Old Appliances, Air Conditioner, Water Heater or Roof

Prepare in advance for questions about the age of items and features of your home.  If your appliances, AC unit, water heater or roof are in need of replacing, it could be a good idea to get this taken care of prior to listing your home.

3.Your Home Is Overpriced

In other words, your emotional attachment exceeds your home’s actual value.  Except for a few high-priced high-demand metro areas, most homes sell close to actual market values.  US News reports that overpricing is the prevailing reason that homes have trouble selling.  You may view your home as priceless because you raised your kids there and their hand print impressions are still in the patio cement, but buyers won’t pay extra for your memories.

4.Your Home Has Little Curb Appeal

Maybe you don’t have time to maintain an elaborate lawn or paint the house, but making a few cosmetic adjustments can help.  If a storm blew a few shingles off the roof, replace them.  Touch up faded or peeling paint.  Wash windows and doors.  Your front entry presents a first impression of your home.  Place a pot of flowering plants near the door, shine up the porch light and put out a new welcome mat.  Consult with licensed contractors for major home repairs or renovation.

5.Neglected Yard

An important part of curb appeal is making your home visible and inviting.  Overgrown shrubbery and trees can be a deterrent and lead to major trouble selling.  You don’t need to make over your entire yard, but tree trimming and basic lawn maintenance can help show off your home.  Investing in a good yard clean-up and an ongoing lawn maintenance service can be a good investment.

6.Your Home Is “Unique,” Too Big or Too Small for its Neighborhood

Homes with unusual architectural themes and features can draw buyer’s attention or put them off.  Lime green is your favorite color, but buyers may focus on your decor choices rather than more important features of your home.  Homes inconsistent with your neighbors’ places can be a hard sell.  Work with your real estate agent to develop a marketing plan that promotes your home’s features and benefits.

7.Your Home Has a Weird Odor

Household and pet odors can top the list of reasons your home isn’t selling.  If you have pets, invest in professional floor and upholstery cleaning.  Clean up the cat box and backyard.  Rinse off patio pet stains.  Potential buyers won’t likely appreciate your pets as you do.  In general, pets should not be present when your home is shown.  Clean refrigerators and freezers.  If you use air fresheners or aromatherapy products, make sure that their scents don’t overwhelm.

8.Pets Are Present – Exotic or Otherwise

Exotic pets can present their own set of challenges.  Your son’s tarantula or your screeching cockatoo can interfere with your home’s appeal and home showings.  Discuss all of your pets and potential issues with your real estate pro.  Don’t forget to mention that your daughter’s BFF is a six-foot boa constrictor that hangs out in her bathroom.  Potential buyers won’t appreciate your pets as you do.  In general, pets should not be present when your home is shown or there are no doubts that you will have trouble selling your home.

9.Your Home Doesn’t Have a Marketing Campaign

If you’re listing your home without help from a real estate agent or broker, please reconsider.  Real estate pros know how to market your home to its best advantage in spite of its shortcomings.  Yes, you’ll pay a commission, but it’s possible that your home will sell faster and for more than you thought possible.

Taking steps to address reasons your home isn’t selling can boost buyer interest and help sell your place sooner rather than later, so you can move on to a different home.

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